Donna C. Naumann, RN, FNP-BC, HC



My mission is to be a beacon of light, a bridge of understanding, a tower of integrity, and a castle of realized dreams.

Donna Naumann

My goal is to open the door of possibilities, assess what dreams can come true, and deliver a human understanding of spirit, mind, energy, emotion that will promote you to your highest level of health, wellness and happiness.

Health without happiness or happiness without health leaves you incomplete.  

I want you to find health, and I know you can. You may be searching for easy path to sustain your life, but this is not the root to health and happiness. 

I am pleased to offer you a program that will help you create your healthiest life by ... 

  • Assessing your root causes of health issues, obtaining blood work if necessary

  • Using personality tests to identify your strengths and weakness

  • Creating smart goals to address your dream, health, and energy

  • Identifying tools to promote your health physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. You cannot achieve one without the other.

In my practice I use a variety of modalities and expert tools. All of them have the same goal in mind, to help you become the best you. Below is a list of those modalities I use.

Please keep in mind that your body is very unique. It is my belief and experience that the same treatment plan won't work for everyone. You have specific needs and it is my mission to help you find the ones that work best for you. 

In our first visit together, you will receive a plan of action of what we can use to help you achieve your goals. Call for a free consultation on your health needs.


90 Minutes: $197
30 Minutes: $67 (Repeat Clients Only)

(3) 90 Minute Sessions: $550

Mix and Match the strategies to achieve your personal health plan.

List of Services

Functional Assessment

By completing a full health history dating back to conception I am able to assess your health risk.  Often we develop illness and dis-ease when we have been exposed to toxins, stress, bacteria, over use of antibiotics, high sugar diets, and therefore we cannot utilize our bodies appropriately.  Functional Medicine looks at your health as a whole and is able to identify causes that keep you vibrating at low frequencies.  I do a variety of blood work that helps identify the invading pathogens that are causing dysfunction and disease. Then through diet, exercise, supplement support, spirit, and mind set you can begin to create a whole new life experience and raise your vibration to unbelievalbe levels. Knocking out fatigue and increasing energy!


Vitamin Support & Nutraceuticals

This is not a replacement for a healthy diet, but sometimes we need them to heal leaky gut, rebalance the gut biome, support our genetic imbalances, promote better sleep patterns, reduce the effects of cortisols, and balance hormones.  Many people don’t eat enough nutrients and vitamins to support their basic mitochondia health.  Lets fix that and move into better energy.



Cleanse & SHAPE® ReClaimed

SHAPE® ReClaimed is a proven program to help you get un-inflammed from the years of excess sugar, processed foods, and gluten and the side effect?  Energy, weight loss and getting off medications as you allow your body to heal itself.




The conscious mind blocks our ability to utilize and reprogram our subconscious mind where the reels of life keep replaying. What is insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting something different.   With hypnosis we can address strategies to improve your programming in the subconscious mind in a relaxing and dreamy state.  Hypnosis takes you from where you are to where you want to be.  It helps you with mind set, physical motion, and emotional support. It helps you repair old habits and achieve more. It can be used for many things, spirit awakening, goal setting, life regression, smoking, depression and the list goes on and on.



Intuitive Connection & Tarot

Intuitive work and Tarot is our connection to spirit.  What are we if we aren’t spiritually beings?  Often this is an overlooked connection to health.  How can we vibrate happiness if we do not embrace our spirit.  I use intuition and tarot to help you on your spiritual journey of you.  Love, peace, relaxation and becoming your best version yet.



Reiki and Pranic Healing

Reiki and Pranic healing are the healing energy work we need to connect healing to our mind, body and soul. Reiki and Pranic healing use the art of healing energy in a relaxed state to help you release pain and  activate natural healing.  It allows you to release old energy and create a clean slate of being alive.  It is a “soul” connection of healing, a light and vibrational repair to our pain. Often I will use essential oils and vibrational tools to enhance the healing. This can be mixed with hypnosis too.




Auriculotherpy can be used to a physical approach, it is a form of  acupuncture to the ear to create wellness.  It is used to treat very precise points on the ear and will promote wellness.  It can help with many different health issues including smoking cessation, anxiety, pain, and weight loss.  


I have enough tools, tips, and solutions to asisst you with any health crisis.  I have been helping people through mental, emotional, and phyiscal crisis practically my whole life, and I will help you too.  Lets work together.